About me

Aakruti Dedhia

To me, Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting about every moment around you, the way you see them and capturing the essence of that moment in time to last forever. I believe the heart and mind are the true lens of the camera. We all see the painting of the world around us, but each of us have a unique perspective. Each one sees a different pattern or vision through the existing image. To able to show my vision, my image of the world, gives me great joy.

I started falling in love from the moment my dad bought me my 1st camera during my college days. It was the beginning of my journey into the incredible world of photography.

After my graduation, I worked as a visualizer for a while, before reaffirming that my true passion was behind the camera and doing it on my own terms. I saved up, set up my own studio and have not looked back since then.

And from that very moment there has been a great deal of success and learning over the past five years. Photographing food, products, jewellery, people, restaurants and many many more, learning the tools of the trade has led me to hone my talent to support my passion.

My work has been featured Nationally in Food and Fashion Magazine, newspapers and awarded Internationally for Foodelia Food Photography in 2018.

My work has been commissioned by various brands like FunFoods-by Dr. Oetkar, Bru Coffee, McDowell’s, Rawpressery, GoAir, Chili’s, Nature’s Basket to name a few.

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Let’s connect and create magic through the artistry of photographs.